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The idyllic countryside and peace of nature make Taikayöntie a great destination also for families with children. Yli-Kirra Museum, nature sights, idyllic swimming spots and various activities such as horseback riding are kids favorites. If you’re looking for delicacies, the candy store Urjalan Makeistukku and the butcher shop Huittisten Hullulenkki by Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo, shaped like a giant sausage, are both worth visiting.

Yli-Kirra Museum

Located in Punkalaidun, the Yli-Kirra Museum is also known as the Doghill House. The famous Finnish author Mauri Kunnas got the inspiration for his beloved children’s book Doghill Farm (Koiramäen talossa) from the Yli-Kirra and he used it as a landscape to draw the pictures for his book. The main building represents a typical 19th-century courtyard-style farmhouse of the region. Yli-Kirra comprises a total of 36 buildings and structures. At Yli-Kirra you can book guided tours and the museum also has a cosy café.

Every summer on the first weekend in July, the Yli-Kirra Museum hosts an idyllic traditional agricultural exhibition “Kaikkien Aikojen Maatalousnäyttely”. The programme includes an exhibition of old-fashioned farming equipment and other demonstrations. The museum staff and volunteers are dressed in traditional rural costumes. The event offers something to see and experience for the whole family.

Address and inquiries: Koiramäentie 2, 31900 Punkalaidun, email: ylikirra(at), tel. +358 40 1990 680. Open weekends in June, July and August. Otherwise by reservation.

Kaikkien Aikojen Maatalousnäyttely talonpoikaismuseo Yli-Kirrassa: Nuori mies ajaa vanhaa traktoria kyydissä kaksi pikkupoikaa. Heillä on päällään perinteiset talonpoikaisvaatteet. Taustalla punamultainen vajarakennus.

“Kaikkien Aikojen Maatalousnäyttely” event at Yli-Kirra Museum offers something to see and experience for the whole family. Photo: Municipality of Punkalaidun

Talonpoikaismuseo Yli-Kirran umpipiha. Kuvassa kaivo, jonka päällä istuu taloja ihaileva nuori pariskunta. Punamullalla värjätty tupa keltaisella verannalla.

The Yli-Kirra Museum is an idyllic place to visit. Photo: Rami Valonen

Köyden punontaa Kaikkien Aikojen Maatalousnäyttelyssä. Kuvassa perinteisesti punottu köysi ja taustalla löyden punoja perinnevaatteissa.

The “Kaikkien Aikojen Maatalousnäyttely” agricultural exbition at Yli-Kirra also features a variety of work demonstrations. Photo: Municipality of Punkalaidun

Vanhakoski Grove Conservation Area

Suitable for the whole family, Vanhakoski Grove Conservation Area is part of the national grove conservation programme. It offers a perfect setting for enjoying peace of nature. Sit down for a moment to watch the rapids rush by in the midst of old forest and flower-filled meadows.

Many species of animals and plants have adapted to the old forest and there is diverse bird life in the area. During the summer, sheep graze in parts of the grove area, meadows and forest.

The Vanhakoski grove protection area is also home to the old Saari farm and garden, maintained by support associations. The area features an eight-person overnight lean-to, a campfire site and an accessible outhouse. Please bring your own firewood. Additionally, the outhouse does not have toilet paper, so please remember to bring some.

The Vanhakoski grove area is easy to access on foot, by bike or car. The grove area is located four kilometres from central Huittinen and only a couple of kilometres from the main road 2. The area is a great place to visit for a 2–3 hour trip for families and groups of children.

Puurijärvi and Isosuon National Park

Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park will enchant you with its cultural landscapes, typical of Satakunta region, and its diversity of birdlife. Its lush wetlands and marshes make it a notable bird-watching destination even on the European scale. Three marked routes (0.5–2 km) lead to the bird-watching towers. The largest of these is the Kärjenkallio bird-watching tower, one of the largest in the Nordic countries.

In addition to birds, you can also spot different dragonflies and butterflies as well as the rare European beaver in the Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park. The national park is also home to Turvesuuli – a storage building used for drying and storing peat. Turvesuuli houses an exhibition on the history of peat harvesting.

The Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park is suitable for all ages throughout the year. The Kärjenkallio bird-watching platform and the path leading to it are accessible.

Puinen nalleveistos pitämässä

Vanhakoski Grove Conservation Area. Photo: Janne Arola

Vanhankosken lehtojensuojelualueella Huittisissa sijaitseva vanha Saaren tila ja puutarha, jossa on mm. nukkumalaavu, nuotiopaikka ja puutarhakeinu.

Vanhakoski Grove Conservation Area. Photo: Janne Arola

Sorsapoikue uimassa Puurijärvi ja Isosuon kansallispuistossa.

Puurijärvi and Isosuo National Park. Photo: Rami Valonen

Porttikallio Outdoor Recreation Area

Located three kilometres from central Punkalaidun, Porttikallio is a versatile outdoor recreation area and nature site. There is a lit fitness track and ski trail. The exercise trails are 1–2.5 kilometres long. The area also has an outdoor fitness area with various fitness equipment. Porttikallio also features a challenging 18–hole disc golf course of class A1.

The viewing tower at the top of Porttikallio offers an expansive view over the village as far as the eye can see. There are two campfire sites for the visitors’ use. The nature trail is fairly rocky, but the other routes in the area are wide and suitable for everyone, regardless of age.

Address: Laasjärventie 30, 31900 Punkalaidun

The Urjala hiking trails from Lamminharju to Pölkinvuori

The Pölkinvuori park and the hiking trails of the association Aseman Kyläyhdistys offer an easy way to experience the diverse nature of Urjala. The hiking trails are suitable for the whole family, well marked and easy to traverse. At nearly the highest point of Pölkinvuori there is a open hut you can rent, with magnificent views. With good weather the visibility can be up to 40 kilometres. A map of the hiking trails and the starting place can be found at parking lot 2 of Pölkinvuori (Address: Ikaalantie 105, 31700 Urjala) or the Lamminharju outdoor recreational area (Address: Huhmarinmäentie 45, 31700 Urjala).

Horse riding

Taikayöntie region offers a great environment for horse riding and there are several stables in the area:

The Ympyrähullut roundabout in Huittinen 

Funny and silly Ympyrähullut statues will amuse the whole family. The sculptures are located in a roundabout in the very centre of Huittinen. The piece, designed by Matti Kalkamo and Heli Ryhänen, includes the energetically walking female figure “Doris” designed by Ryhänen and “Boris”, a male figure inside a phone booth, designed by both Ryhänen and Kalkamo.

The highlight of the park is the view from Pölkinvuori's peak.


Puinen Porttikallion näkötorni metsässä.

The viewing tower in Porttikallio Outdoor Recration Area. Photo: Municipality of Punkalaidun

Huittisten keskustassa

Doris statue in the centre of Huittinen. Photo: Niina Aalto

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