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Taikayöntie offers a charming selection of locally produced food

Taikayöntie offers a great selection of delicious local food. Charming berry-wine farms, farm shops and boutiques selling locally produced food as well as local cafés and restaurants are all worth visiting.

Farm shops can be found in every municipality of the Taikayöntie route: Local organic meat products can be bought from Unton Tila and Vahelan Luomutila in Huittinen, Metsärannan Liha and Kiikkumäki in Punkalaidun as well as Koskenrannan Luomulammas, Hongola Gård and Paijan Tilateurastamo from Urjala. Luomusuoramyyntitila Pakkanen in Urjala and Vahelan Luomutila in Huittinen offer organic cereal products. Huittinen has the most pigs of any municipality in Finland. For example Kivikylän Kotipalvaamon Huittisten Hullulenkki, a butcher shop shaped like a giant sausage is located there. There are also plenty of vegetable farms in Huittinen and the municipality is actually one of Finland’s leading producers of spinach.

The Taikayöntie also has berry and berry-wine farms, such as Mattilan Marjatila in Huittinen and Kajabaca in Urjala. Other places to shop for locally produced food items include Toripuoti and Wanha WPK in Huittinen. Urjala, on the other hand, is known for the candy store of Urjalan Makeistukku and its vibrant market place.

Cafés and restaurants of the Taikayöntie region:

In Huittinen:

In Punkalaidun:

In Urjala:

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A Bustling Street in Hullu Yö

Huittinen Hullu Yö

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