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About Taikayöntie

Taikayöntie (“the road of the magical night”) is one of Finland’s official tourism routes, a status it was granted in the year 2000. Taikayöntie is named after a song by Martti Innanen called “Urjalan Taikayö” (the magic night of Urjala), which was published in 1967 and describes the romantic agricultural landscape of the Urjala and Huittinen region.

Rolling hills, beautiful river valleys and prosperous farms define the typical scenery along the Taikayöntie route. While travelling on the route, the visitor can feel the authentic feeling of country life and small villages. No wonder, then, that the Finnish travel TV show Madventures listed Taikayöntie among the most beautiful scenic roads in Finland.

The main Taikayöntie route follows the regional road 230 from Urjala via Punkalaidun to Huittinen. The road has two forks, one from central Punkalaidun along Murronharjuntie road to the national road number two and the other from the village of Puolimatka via Nuutajärventie road to Nuutajärvi Glass Village. The main route is 52 kilometres long and counting the forks the total is 86 kilometres.

Taikayöntie can be recognised from the signs with the name on a brown background.

Taikayöntien maisemaa: mutkitteleva joki, jonka vierellä kulkee tie. Loppukesän väreissä olevaa peltomaisemaa sekä auringon keltaiseksi maalaama taivas.

Photo: Janne Arola

Drone-kuvaa Taikayöntiestä ja sitä ympäröivistä lumisista peltomaisemista. Taustalla pinkki taivas.

Photo: Rami Valonen

Taikayöntie -tie ja Punkalaitumen joki peltojen keskellä, auringon laskun aikaan.

Photo: Janne Arola

Travelling on Taikayöntie
Taikayöntie with its idyllic countryside landscapes is ideal for people with cars, motorbikes as well as bicycles.

By motorcycle
Taikayöntie with its landscapes and many bends is particularly popular with motorcyclists. For example, café Myötätuuli at Punkalaidun is a popular lay-over for motorcyclists and the café hosts motorcyclist meets during the spring.

By bike
Taikayöntie also offers good opportunities for cycling. However, cyclists should note that the fairly narrow road has no shoulder. In Huittinen, there is a pedestrian and cycle route next to the road all the way to the Suttila Youth Centre. There is only a moderate amount of traffic on Taikayöntie, in the end, and the speed limits range between 60 km/h and 80 km/h. Towards Urjala, the terrain becomes more hilly in places. Bicycles are available for rent for example at Unton Tila in Huittinen (electric fatbikes).

By car
In Huittinen, you can access Taikayöntie by car easily from the gas station and rest stop Härkäpakari. The road goes through central Huittinen and a roundabout circled with funny and silly statues. The windy Taikayöntie is especially nice to drive in the summer. See how the landscape of fields and river valleys slowly turns to lake vistas as you approach Urjala. There is always something interesting to see. There are interesting sights all along the route.

Nonetheless, you should remain careful when driving on Taikayöntie, because there is a high likelihood you will come across deer! The region has the highest concentration of deer in all of Finland.

Taikayöntie is especially enchanting thanks to its enchanting natural phenomena, in addition to its beautiful countryside landscapes. The fog lingering over the river and fields, the startlingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets will enchant you with their magical feeling. Taikayöntie is filled with magic!

Mies ja nainen lepäämässä pakettiauton katolla istuen Taikayöntien varressa.

Taikayöntie is fun to drive! Photo: Rami Valonen


Kaksi pyöräilijää ylittämässä vanhaa kiviholvisiltaa Urjalankylässä.

Taikayöntie also offers good opportunities for cycling: Photo: Stone bridge in Urjalankylä, Urjala / Rami Valonen

Café Myötätuuli in Punkalaidun is a popular rest stop among motorcyclists. During the summer, the café hosts meets for motorcyclists on Thursday nights.